The best electronic switch

This switches circuit,It can be useful many things.which a output of the circuit can be controlled a bell or other sound source circuit or control relay or SCR.(a circuit for RY1,and SCR2 are used with AC voltage source only) The contact switches (S1, S2 and S3) in the parallel circuit,it were used to control a connect switched circuit, which can usefully for a burglar alarm circuit or control alarm signal. The two transistors work as switches that are highly uncertain,and do not trigger an error,because no other noise.The conduction of the SCR2 was very stable, because the resistance 1K as…

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Analog signal selector switch

This is Analog signal selector switch. Do not waste time, choose the input method with interchangeable input cables. But press the input selector switch, as you like. Easy and cost effective alternative is Input selection switch. With features the optional four-channel signal input. and volume to Increase or decrease the signal. In the event that your power amplifier no volume. How This Circuit works Figure 1 the analog signal selector switches circuits From circuit in Figure 1 a selector switches(S1) will be selectness a input signal of 4 inputs, put it to work only one input channel. And three other…

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