European police siren circuit
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The European police siren circuit is type of a siren. Which it is different from normal, is characteristics sound is high – low curtailed without like tone of voice common Siren. Which is strange, another, of the circuit type siren. Thought it would desirable. Amateur those electronic all. The working principle As circuit in this Figure 1 will see that we divide the work into 2 sector. Which we will described to the two section before. In this section we use Timer IC-NE555 is the frequency generator. By connecting combination with R = 10K and C = .033 uF. From …
Tapping morse code circuit
Audio diagram
Morse code is a code of signals used in military communications in the past. But today, it is also common among surfers radio The percussion Morse code as a standard in radio communications. This circuit is a demonstration of tapping Morse code basics. Enter the power supply circuit is on, press the S1 Charset circuit IC1 is run by the generator frequency Per cycle, which is a sensitive multi-Stable Brett Foster is R1, C2 and VR1 determines the frequency of the output pins 3 go to the VR1 speakers for optimized sound to very sharp pointed at.
Simple 555 ICs Tester Circuit
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Most IC-555 is used to generate frequency, and sometimes we need to know. Is it good or bad? But normal multimeter cannot check it. Thus, I make a simple 555 ICs tester circuit. Which is tested correctly and faster. How it works Resistors R1-R3 acts as limit current and reduce voltage to LED1-LED3. Which is LEDs show state on “Trigger” or “Low” or “High”. The Diode D1 is set voltage to pin 2 less than 1/3 VCC (0.7 volts). When slide switch S1 at position 2 (Trigger IC). Before apply voltage to this circuit, we must put the test IC …
Siren light from running light
The siren light use that general use motor help in the whirl lamp or refect go to around, which weigh very and when be usable go to for a long time will cause the wearing out. but if we modify light running pretend siren make get siren that weigh light and can be usable for a long time go up. The work of the circuit will divide the work goes out to are 3 the part, be origin frequency part will compose IC1 555 numbers will perform frequency origin. which fix get with the value of R1, R2 and C1. …
Police siren circuit using 555 IC timer
Mini Projects
Many a person will might excited with siren sound the all that ever hear. Because we will hear when there is an accident emergency event. But ever suspect that how is those sound can happen ? This is police siren circuit using 555 IC The work of the circuit IC1 which build be astable multi vibrator circuit. Will signal frequency low origin comes out the way pin 3 have about 1 Hz by frequency value that s were fixed by the value , R1, R2, C1 signal the frequency will have that to come out pin 3 ways which built …