Strength meter circuit using IC741

This is strength meter circuit that it can test we strong, by catch 2 metals. From that time squeeze meet. It will make LED stick bright arrange prevent according to one’s ability of squeezing the metal. The work of the circuit uses our body is formed lead the electricity changes to reach in the circuit.

Strength meter circuit using IC741
The Circuit diagram of Strength meter

How  working of Circuits
Which perform a temple resistance of the body. If we press wildly low resistance value make LED stick a lot of bright. By this circuit gives op-amp IC741 arrange each for other compare with voltage. In each the level of the intensity. We can stand the rapidity done to a turn VR1 and have LED Display 4 band. All in each band have IC741 detect voltage get and VR help fine the rapidity again the step. The detail is other , see in the circuit adds.

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