Pulse Generator circuits using IC-555

This is a pulse generator circuits or standard astable oscillator circuit for IC 555 timer,NE555N IC.
Use for digital Logic circuit. IC 555 use voltage supply 5V to 15V.
We have many circuits for you can builds easy below.

Simple Pulse Generator circuit by IC-555

The output frequency will be approximately 1kHz and the duty cycle 50-50, The output’s frequency is control by R1.


The values in the formula are expressed in ohms, farads, seconds and hertz. This formula is much simpler than that of the previous circuit.
Detail more, Please read in this image circuit.

Simple Pulse Generator by IC 555 Timer

High Power Pulse Generator using LM350T and NE555

This is a high power pulse generator circuit, Which have main components are IC555 as oscillator and LM350T provided high current up to 3A max.

When you see in Simple Pulse Generator May will has a question or like to want the high current output. Which normall current of 200mA maximum only. Today we will tell to you, can increate current output up to 3A.

In first time, we think to use the power transistor-2N3055 (popular part in all time) to add up. But we can use other way use IC-LM350T which is DC regulator 3A IC.

In the figure below we still to use the NE555 as the integrated circuit to generat out to a Square wave Oscillator. Which we can adjust the frequency output with rotate a VR1-100K. Then a signal is send to output pin go to the predrive transistor-2N2222 to control give adj pin of IC LM350T works. While there voltage come to output is the character as high power pulse that current tall about 3A.

So friends changes value of R5 for control the level voltage output in minimum 1.25V to high voltage at around 15V, because of this circuit uses input (voltage of power supply about 5V – 15V)

Pulse Generator by IC LM350T and 555

The other ideals, if you want current just only 1A output current, you can use LM317T that it is cheaper than LM350T.

Other circuits involved.

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