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Simple non linear low pass filter

This is a simple simple non linearlow pass frequency filter circuit on passive model. We use passive components without transistors and any ICs. So is easy circuit. and It is small size and easy to made for do not used the external power supply, but refuse a lot of noise ripples and need to a input voltage is stable. and a lower amplitude.

The circuit will work best, when the signal level is importantly higher than the constant ripple level.And
The circuit has specifically related to two peak-detecting sample-and-hold circuits in tandem with a voltage average.

There are parts in figure below (a few parts):
D1-D4=1N4148, C1=100uF electrolytic ,C2 – 2.2uF ceramic, R1 -100K

I hope this circuit are a little ideas your, to a big project next time.

Simple non linear low pass filter

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