Simple Electrical Repairs for Your Home

Would it be good? if the electrical appliances in your home were broken. And then you can fix it by yourself. Sound good? Yes here are simple Electrical Repairs for Your Home.

Simple Electrical Repairs for Your Home

DIY AC 220V Power Strip for my electronic work bench

DIY Power Strip for my electronic workbench. In experiment an electronic project that uses AC-line as a power source. When we turn on-off load or the project. I always remove the AC plug input. But it does not convenient and very slow when happens an accident.

Then I try to use a Universal Surge Protector / Power Strip which very useful. But it has a large size and has too many OUTLETS more than necessary.

Figure 1

I need just one Outlet only.

Incidentally, Circuit inside (as Figure 2). They use an SPST switch only cause though we turn OFF switch but may current flow to our body.

DIY AC 220v power strip for My electronic work bench
Figure 2

I need a DPST(Double-pole, Single-throw) Switch to cut off current from AC-line to load both terminal whitch includes L(line) and N(neutral). It causes safety from AC-electrical current.

Let’s build it

Figure 3 is the circuit diagram or how to assemble components. This switch is build-in in with a neon lamp for indicating power on when we turn on. A fuse is used as load protection I use 0.5A for most of my job.

Assemble components of Power Strip
Figure 3

In this case, I assemble all parts on a small universal box to compact to use. as Figure 4

The more detail I want to the homework of you.

The Complete Power strip for electronic workbench
Figure 5 The AC 220V Power strip for my electronic work bench is completly.

Next time I experiment with any projects easily and safety.

How to changing dimmer to normal switch

I moved into a new house, The original owner was a British. Outlets and switches In a system of all England.

The electrical system of the UK is 230V 50Hz.

I did not like the warm white applicable to the general dimmer.
Because it takes a keen eye and high power. With Incandescent size 60Wx4 = 240 watts ever.

How to changing dimmer to normal switch

I modified to remove the old system out and put the new switch instead. And Change is the cool daylight lamp that saving over several times.

We can replace them directly.

The Dimmer switch panel look old, as opposed to the new switch panel as

the old dimmer
Figure 1 the old dimmer

compare between old dimmer and new switch
Figure 2 compare it with the new switch

remove old dimmer
Figure 3 Remove the old dimmer

all parts of old dimmer
Figure 4 all parts of old dimmer

inside old dimmer
Figure 5 inside the old dimmer and the behavior of the Dimmer is just 2 terminal only.

check to new switch
Figure 6 My son check the connector of new switch.

Note: My son is a good helper. And learned to repair electrical appliances in the house.

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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