Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

Study English with Electronic components

My son like Electronics but do not like English is not the primary language of us. I had the idea to teach him, to start learning or Study English with Electronic components as Figure below.

First study english with-Electronic-components

1. Transistor
Q: What is this?
A: It is a transistor.

2. Capacitor
Q: What is this?
A:It’s a capacitor.

3. Diode
Q:What is this?
A: It’s a diode

4. Resistor
Q: Is it a LED?
A: No, It isn’t a LED, but it’s a resistor.

We hope this post is helpful. Even slightly, we were very pleased.

This is a second study english that my son use learn it by the electronic components. Today we will know three words below.

Second study english with Electronic components
1. Different
Q: Is the resistors different the capacitor?
A: Yes, the resistor is different the capacitor.

2. Similar to
Q: Are the two transistors similar?
A: Yes, the transistors are similar.
Q: Is 2SC458 similar to 2SC1815?
A: Yes, 2SC458 is similar to 2SC1815.

3. The same (as)
Q: Is LDR the same as photoresistor?
A: Yes,the LDR is the same as the photoresistor.

I hope my son’s learning will be useful for you.

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