Electronic Rotary Switch circuit using Digital IC

This is Electronic Rotary Switch circuit using Digital IC, use a single switch choose a function of external control circuit has 9 positions.Begin with press the switch S1, the output signal from pin 2 of IC1 as “high” at all, and the pulse signal to IC2, the output at pin 3 is “high” as well.

When you press the switch again and the output pin 3 is “low” is output at pin 2 is “high”. The switch of the output “high” to sort it out. The output at pin 11 and pin 3 to start again.

Electronic Rotary Switch circuit using Digital IC

The output is “high” the output of IC2, can be used for external control, such as volume control circuit, a different function, or control circuit is closed – the lights, etc.Or in combination with IC 4066, which is the analog switch.I need to read the manual first, it is easy to use one circuit.
The resistors R1 and C1, the delay after pressing the switch S1,To a recognition that each of the switch, the switch only once, actually,.As a single pulse, entering the circuit, and the IC3a IC3b, a reset signal to IC1 and IC2.


How to build its.
Although this circuit as the experiment is set. But you can build as the electronic for use in your working. in Figure 2 is Universal PCB layout of all components. and the parts you can see in circuit(Figure 1)

Figure 2 Universal PCB layout of all components.

The best electronic switch

This switches circuit,It can be useful many things.which a output of the circuit can be controlled a bell or other sound source circuit or control relay or SCR.(a circuit for RY1,and SCR2 are used with AC voltage source only) The contact switches (S1, S2 and S3) in the parallel circuit,it were used to control a connect switched circuit, which can usefully for a burglar alarm circuit or control alarm signal.

The best electronic switch

The two transistors work as switches that are highly uncertain,and do not trigger an error,because no other noise.The conduction of the SCR2 was very stable, because the resistance 1K as parallel to the relay.When the trigger and press the switch S2, which is normally closed for the circuit breaker. To relay to stop working. The LED1 to visit the emitter pin of the transistor Q2, it lights up when the Circuit works.

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