More circuits about oscillator, pulse, frequency , and others.

How to choose function generator circuit suitable for you

Function generation circuits, suitable for use or test the various electronic circuits. The circuit uses IC to work directly. The high efficiency. In some circuits, a simple device. Basic, making it a simple and affordable.   Triangle wave generator circuit with cmos inverter IC--- It is easy use a few parts, you can make it now!....   function generator using op amp LM1458 That circuit is based on a LM1458 or RC4558 capable of producing sine, square, triangular, sawtooth and pulse waveforms of high accuracy and stability.... Simple Function generator by LM566 The simple Function generator two waveform, It produces…


Simple sound effects circuits

This is Sound effects two tone circuit, which generally abound measure various both of kinds use IC frequency origin oruse the transistor. The sound will that is proportionate big depend on the value of R and C. For this circuit is will building sound of pale long tail or clock ancient sound. The work of the circuit, when , build the circuit suits power supply have current change R1,VR1 go to charge at C1, enough C1 have volt fall straddle arrive at 0.7V make Q1 begin the work bears fruit to make Q2 work with LED1. Then stick bright and…


House fm transmitter 88-108MHz at 4 Watt

This is Fm transmitter circuit for house. It is modulation type Mono FM and Frequency range 88-108 MHz. By it have Working voltage range 12-18 VDC and use current max at 450mA only. This circuit convenient for , because , have good small-sized. It is the ideal project for the beginner who wishes to get started in the fascinating world of FM broadcasting and wants a good basic circuit. This circuit use the transistor the important , be the number is 2N3553. Note If you are interested in this circuit. But fear that it will not work. You can see…

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