Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

Resistor color code learning

I intended to learn homeschool for my son. Which he like the Electronics projects circuits same me. I have taught a simple electronic learning, may not correspond to the process of learning from the normal school.



Today we will learn about the resistors
1. How does it shape? He said that looks like a worm.
2. Learn to use the meter to measure its value. Now, I have not taught to read the color code because they think too hard.


What to expect him to get
1. Drawing skills
2. Learn to use The digital multimeter to measure the resistors or how to use ohms meter.

What to learn more
He have not understood the math (decimal point), but it can be understood in the future.


Resistor 5% Value

If you are a beginner interested in the electronics, still have problems with the same way with me is choice of appropriate equipment such as a resistor that has several value until does not use correctly. When we design circuits. But do not know how. The value resistors are sold in the equipment shops generally or not. In order not to lose time, we see the value standard resistor have 5% error, Which is cheap and easy to buy of course, as detailed in the table below.
Resistor 5% Value

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