Pulse Generator Oscillator 32.768KHz by watch crystal

My Friend need to like a Pulse Generator Oscillator circuit that stable frequency at 32.768KHz with watch crystal,for digital CMOS binary counter, so he tell to me even low prices.

I think may be used the watch crystal and IC4069 or IC4049 inverter CMOS IC. They are very cheap and we can look at the general electronic shop.

In the circuit figure first be produces to square wave form the other part I think you can know them, it very simple. If you take up the voltage power supply to 12V doing the output volt peak up to 12V as well.

But this circuit do not well for high frequency,you should use this a better: Crystal oscillator using TTL

My son get a watch crystal from the Cheap Quartz Alarm Clocks.
001_Cheap Quartz Alarm Clock

They are not yet durable. But we can take a well used components to reuse new our projects.
002_well used components to reuse

Inside Cheap Quartz Alarm Clock, there are component on PCB.
Inside Cheap Quartz Alarm Clock

Here is the watch crystal at 32.768KHz
Here is the watch crystal at 32.768KHz

He examined test waveform with oscilloscope. It is a square wave signal.
test waveform with oscilloscope

Then measure the frequency output by a frequency counter Kits. It is cheapest tool.
The frequency is 32771Hz or 32.771KHz. Meter accuracy Low. And we can adjust the frequency output by C1-56pF trimmer.
006_Then measure the frequency output is 32771HZ

Next circuit when you want to build a ramping waveform by crystal so also easily we used a singlr transistor 2N3904 or BC548 that is NPN types. the full voltage same power supply level. and you change to other wave form do not difficult or you can see Oscillator astable multi-vibrator with Crystal controller


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