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Pulse generator control frequency by digital IC

This circuit make pulse signal in continuity. We call it that Astable Multi Vibrator circuit. The 555 timer-IC1 is working with VR1, R1, R2, and CT. The value of CT in the selection of the electronic switch circuit IC2 number 4066.Electronic switch with 4 built-in IC 2.

Pulse generator control frequency by digital IC

The control the electrical contact switches (ON), The input voltage is positive or logic “1” to the control pin. The pin 13, 5, 6 or 12.

If the control pin to ground. Switch is turned off (OFF). Switches each, to separate the work independently, not be sorted.
And incoming (IN) and output (OUT) can be interchangeable.

It is therefore reasonable to switch the value of C values.With the input signal to the logic of digital circuits,The binary code is “0” to “1”.

When I switch on the control of either a logic “1”, the electrical contact of the switch, then tap it. A capacitor connected to the pin switch is connected to pins 2 and 6 of IC1. To determine the frequency with VR1, R1 and R2.

Sometimes it may be the control logic “1” rather than a pin. Makes the capacitor is connected in parallel, rather than an option. The capacity will be increased. The introduction of the C together. Circuit can reduce or increase the value of R1, R2. Or for convenience, you can adjust the resistance of VR1 at all. Signal pulse is sent out to pin 3 of IC1’s output signal. To enter the circuit, such as count circuit, divide, or be connected to the speaker. To make a sound or signal.

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  1. Thats stiupid, when i got digital outputs i dont want to waste 4 of them when using only one can do the same job

  2. Starting from a 500 Hz sinusoidal signal, design a pulse train signal with a reputation rate of 500 pulses per second and a pulse duration of 5 µs that could employed in a radar system

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