Power supply circuit with PCB

The  power supply circuit are what importance for various electronic projects. My website have big size grow up every day, Some time you may look for difficult. So I collect them (over 150+circuits) on Category: Power supply as sidebar. But We want you to save time,it is therefore recommended circuit below, with the PCB and easy to build and low price for beginner and all happy.

power supply circuit with pcb

We Recommended

  1. 0-50V Variable Power Supply @3A
  2. 5V, 6V, 9V, 10V, 12V, 1A Fixed Regulated using IC-7805, IC-7806, IC-7809, IC-7810,IC-7812***
  3. 0-30V, 3A Adjustable DC Supply
  4. My first Variable DC Power Supply 1.2V to 30V 1A by LM317


Fixed DC voltage regulator :

  1. Simple DC Regulator using transistors TIP41
  2. Unregulator
  3. Variable Zener Diode circuit
  4. Voltage Reference using LM334
  5. 15V 400mA DC Regulator by IC-748 and 2N3055
  6. 6V – 9V for a calculater

5V For Digitals

9 volts

  1. 9V Regulated using TIP31 transistor
  2. Mini 9V 0.75A using transistors
  3. 9 volts 2 Amps DC Converter
  4. 9V Negative units

Low volts

  1. Small uninterruptible UPS
  2. Basic Dual DC6V
  3. Easy Power supply for cassette player
  4. Simple DC Regulators 12V,15V,30V

Low Drop Out Voltage

  1. 5 volts Low DC Regulator circuits

Simple and Ideas

  1. Basic DC voltage Regulated 13V low current
  2. 18V DC power supply by 7818


Under 1A

  1. Simple adjustable 0-30V at 1A
  2. Power supply regulator 0-30V 1A by IC 741 + Transistor 2N3055 & 2N3565
  3. 0-20V,1A DC adjustable

2A Output Current

  1. Simple variable, 0-30V, 2A for beginners
  2. 0-70 volts 2 Amps DC variable
  3. Cheap DC adjustable 0-30V 2A Laboratory

3A Output current

  1. 1.2V-25V, 3 amps, Adjustable regulators using LM350T
  2. Best DC power supply 3 amps, adjustable 1.2V-20V; 3V-6V-9V-12V

High Current (5A up)

  1. 12 volts,13.8V High Current 30A,25A,20A,15A  for HAM Radio DC [Easy but well]
  2. 1.2 – 30V, 5A Adjustable using LM338
  3. 0-30V, 5A DC Adjustable Regulator using IC-723, 2N3055x2
  4. High Current Variable Voltage Regulator 2-36V 10A
  5. Amplifier power supply using High Current Transformer
  6. 10A, DC Supply FIX Regulated by IC-78XX and MJ15004
  7. 1-20V, 10A Adjustable DC power supply using LM338
  8. 12V, 20Amp DC Regulated
  9. 0-30V 20A, High current variable regulator using LM338

High voltage (100V up)

  1. 0-300V, high voltage variable
  2. High volt shock using 2SC458
  3. Mini High Volt Supply using 2N2222
  4. 10V to 350V adjustable Regulator

Multiple Voltage Output

  1. Simple DC regulator 12V 15V 30V by Zener diode
  2. +15V /-15V 1A using IC-7815, IC-7915 Power supply regulator
  3. 15V Dual DC Regulator Circuits
  4. Dual Power regulator +12V/-12V using IC-7812, IC-7912


  1. Transformerless AC to DC power Supply circuit
  2. 5 volts DC Regulator Without Transformer Using MOSFET

Constant current Source

  1. Constant current circuit using LED
  2. FET Constant current drivers for LED display
  3. Many Constant current source circuits
  4. 7805 Current constant for battery charger
  5. Super Steady Zener diode circuit

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All DC switching power supplies


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