Simple High power LED flashlight
This is simple hight power LED flashlight,we use 24 LEDs super bright for display and 3 AA batteries and resistor for limit current so cheaper. My son buy this LED flashlight but is low light. Thus, he want to builds the new high power LED flashlight with himself. How does it works We use the 24 white super bright LEDs. As circuit diagram in Figure 1. They are connected together in parallel. The each LEDs need to use the voltage about 3.3V – 4V at 20mA current. It makes LEDs uniform brightness, but use all current are 0.4A to 0.6A. …
Many Constant current source circuits
Power supply
      Sometimes we need a constant supply to the load.To prevent damage to the load.For example, when we apply a voltage that ever-changing to LEDs. However,LED needs to have the constant current and voltage. As usual, we provide current limiting resistor to it. But this works we can not use because the input voltage changes all time. We must make a constant current through the LED. If you do not understand. Try to preview the circuit below. The Safe constant current source.       Figure 1 the below is a Safe constant-current source circuit, how it works?       A cmos op-amp (number ICL 7611) …
IC 4060 Timer project
Mini Projects
This is IC 4060 Timer circuit. When rises time that is set, Suppose set 5 minutes time. after all time to 5 minutes. the circuit will emit a sound of buzzer once.