IC 4060 Timer project
Mini Projects
This is IC 4060 Timer circuit. When rises time that is set, Suppose set 5 minutes time. after all time to 5 minutes. the circuit will emit a sound of buzzer once.
5LED Chaser-potentiometer using arduino
Today we will make a 5 LED Running circuit can adjust speed by potentiometer. Which LED Chaser circuit like this We’ve created long time ago. But today we try to use arduino. We are writing technical code “LOOP FOR” very interesting. Parts you will needs First of all, we need to have parts below: • Arduino UNO R3 • Potentiometer 100K • Five LEDs • Five 470 ohms resistors • Jumper wires • Breadboard Secondly, see the schematic diagram as Figure 1 Figure 1 Schematic diagram Then, assemble parts on a breadboard and cable to usb port. Figure 2 Circuit …