Simple sound effects circuits
RF - Oscillator
This is Sound effects two tone circuit, which generally abound measure various both of kinds use IC frequency origin oruse the transistor. The sound will that is proportionate big depend on the value of R and C. For this circuit is will building sound of pale long tail or clock ancient sound. The work of the circuit, when , build the circuit suits power supply have current change R1,VR1 go to charge at C1, enough C1 have volt fall straddle arrive at 0.7V make Q1 begin the work bears fruit to make Q2 work with LED1. Then stick bright and …
Adjustable Regulator by TL431
Power supply
This be simple Adjustable voltage regulator power supply circuit, at use integrated number circuit TL431. By from the circuit can fine volt 3V – 30V, depend on feed volt supply input and change the value R2 , R1. It follow a formula calculates Vout = (1+R1/R2) , Vref = 3V-30V , but this circuit gives current get not tall 100mA only. It just if want to enhance current , must use the transistor helps to enlarge current, such as 2N3055, TIP41 numbers or the other. View IC-TL431 Buy HERE! Related Links Adjustable dc voltage regulator Small power supply circuit 2N3055 …
Voltage detector by IC TL431
Meters & Detectors
This be simple check pressure level circuit, with integrated number circuit TL431. When use power supply 5Volt in digital circuit. The general feeding signal input be high class logic be High, make have voltage way output be 5 Volt. But enough feed the level logic be Low as a result, make output level voltage be 1.8V this circuit uses the equipment a little 2 pcs. only just as a result can be usable already. Related Links Voltage Detector circuits More circuit by IC TL431 Level voltage indicator circuits Battery Low Voltage Detector using IC 8211 This circuit can use with …
LM383 Power Amplifier OTL 5.5W For Car
This is CAR Power Amplifier circuit,It is a simple circuit that good Idea for real beginner. I uses IC number LM383 OTL Amp is main ‘s circuit, It has power output 5.5W min at speaker 4 OHM and Voltage supply 12V-14.4V. It has body same the TDA2030 so should attach with heatsink, when it work will very heat, may be damage.