Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

My son use Portable Electronic scale for recycling

Weight Pocket Hook Scale(Portable Electronic scale)

I will teach my children to be aware of Recycling is important, We will collect all the cardboard. To sell his pocket money. Every time I teach it to save weight with a weight pocket hook scale. The plus numbers, the decimal point, the unit of weight materials as homeschooling

It is small, easy to use, and very honest.
But not for much weight over 10KG.

It’s very cheap, powered by a small battery and long-lasting.

In the first wife complains that I bought is useless. But one day I saw her, she took it to weigh items purchased at the store. When in doubt, the weight of fresh food.

My brother told me that he bought a stick when traveling by plane. Appropriations brought to weigh up the set.


For the way ease of use
Press the ON / OFF button and then use it, it will lock the system when weight is stable. Makes reading easier.

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