555 Sound effect Metronome circuit

We have many ways to build a metronome circuit. First, using transistor so easy way and cheaper.

But now  I try IC-555 timer. It also easy and drive a speaker directly. Even can emit two sound effect metronome.

It is hard that I tell you. Sometimes you have to build it with yourself.

How it works

Sound effect Metronome circuits using IC-555
Look at this a 555 metronome circuit. For sound origin Metronome strange music is good.

First, we use the integrated circuit timer. It is highly popular number: NE555 or LM555.

In the circuit above, we use 2 IC sections.

The Frequencies are high and low origin alternates. They can give tone sweet sound.

Also, we adjust VR1 to control sound as want.

This circuit required  a 8 ohms small-sized loudspeaker. Then, we can buy it in all common stores, right?

Have fun electronics!

Parts you will need

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now i modified one circuit and i got the output
can i submit my modified circuit


I think this circuit is error…

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