Car overheating alarm circuits

This is a circuit sound alarm when an engine start spreading the heat. Although every car will have a temperature gauge. But in some cars. May be no warning if the engine is overloaded with heat. Or the driver may not have noticed the temperature gauge can cause problems. The working of circuit The circuit in Figure 1 When the temperature of the engine increases. The resistance of the thermistor decreases. Thermistor is connected to R1 for divide the voltage of the power supply to pin 2 of an op-amp IC1-LM741. This voltage will decrease as the temperature rises, by…


Cheap frequency meter by CA3130

The electronics are still used to use a frequency generator circuit beuause It is important. And are used a lot in electronic circuits, both sine, square wave and more. In every time related to the frequency. What that we want to know is how much frequency. For laboratory common standards. We have many tools available to measure frequency. for example, the Oscilloscope and The Digital frequency counter) But those tools. Usually too expensive. For small laboratories. We Usually want to know how often only approximate. This cheap frequency meter circuit that we show to you. Suitable for general use in…

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