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Making a solar powered small fountain

My son does everything as the solar cell system. I think it is useful, therefore, to buy a solar powered small fountain Kits it created a lot easier.

solar powered small fountain

The main device consists of
– The 1.2 watts 6v 120mA solar cell Solar cell as Figure 2

1.2 watts 6v solar cell

– the small fountain pump as Figure 3
is Solar supmersible Pump
input DC 5-12V 100-250mA
Hmax: 60-180CM
Qmax: 150-240L/h
CAUTION: This is intended for use with water only!

Solar supmersible Pump

How to install
First of all, we do stand for mounting the solar cell as shown
stand for mounting the solar cell
We use wood chips assembled together to form a T. To mount on wall, It was light most of the day. And We painted white, to prevent decay. As Figure:

To mount on wall

supmersible Pump works well

Then we install the solar on it. Next step, appears that supmersible Pump works well. As video below

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