Make Lamp as power load

We like to test the functionality of a high current power supply by simple power load. It is 12V lamp 50 watts. But it had a high temperature. Require a docking station proper on long time trials.

Today my son build docking for this lamp.
001_All parts

Figure 1 All parts
We use:
– Light bulb
– Metal screw 2 inch
– brass hooks as terminals
– Thick wooden planks

We use Incandescent motorcycle head light bulbs 12V 25W/25W without a head light socket

002_The structure inside light bulb
Figure 2 The structure inside light bulb

The structure inside light bulb has two filaments for the high beam and low beam filaments are soldered two parallel, it would have a combined 50 watts as Figure 3.

003_Both Filament are soldered together
Figure 3 Both Filament are soldered together

Then, install screws and the brass hooks on planks as Figure 4
004_brass hooks on planks

Figure 5; We install the screws and the brass hooks onto the planks are finished.

It is technically simple electronic If you are experiencing similar problems. Get lucky.

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