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Love Test Game Circuit using 8 LEDs

This is Love Test Game Circuit. It uses  the  nand  gate IC number is CD4011B. It makes a clock signal generator circuit, feeding it with the pin number 14 of the IC counter circuit 4017B.When you press and hold the switch S1 C1 will discharge. Causing current flow through D1 as a result, IC1 work. Clock generator and input to IC2. IC2, which will make the incoming signal.

Love Test Game Circuit using 8 LEDs

Then display the output from the Q0-Q7 step on the moon, run to the speed of the clock entered. When the switch S1 will IC1 stop source clock input to pin 14 of IC2, the IC2 of the clock will not count. As a result, the output is displayed on a LED lamp or lamps.We can use this circuit as a circuit game in love, by assigning to each LED on the moon has a different meaning with the author as if never hug, love much, etc. Let’s be friends.


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  1. hey ,, is this circuit works or not ??

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