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LM350 Datasheet 3A adjustable Regulator

This is an LM350 Datasheet. If you are looking for 3A adjustable power supply. We have many ways to make it. The LM350 is best for you. Because it is the adjustable three terminal positive voltage regulator.

Which it looks like a popular LM317. We can set the output voltage with only two external resistors. But It can supply the output current over 3.0A, on the voltage range of 1.2 V to 33 V. In addition, it uses internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe mode.

We can use the LM350 on a wide variety of applications. For example A simple adjustable switching regulator. A programmable output regulator. A precision current regulator. With connecting a fixed resistor between the adjust and output

LM350 Pinout

LM350 pinout
LM350 pinout

As in the LM350 pinout above. It looks much like the popular LM317. Also, its pin output connects the heatsink surface. Caution!
Since it has high current over 3A, we must mount the LM350 on the large heatsink.

Basic Features

  • 3.0 A Output Current
  • Output Adjustable Voltage from 1.2 V to 33 V
  • Load Regulation Typically 0.1%
  • Line Regulation Typically 0.005%/V
  • Internal Thermal Overload Protection
  • Internal Short Circuit
  • Current Limiting Constant with Temperature
  • Output Transistor Safe Area Compensation
  • Floating Operation for High Voltage Applications

Basic to use LM350
We love it because easy to use. You see LM350 circuit below. We use only 2 resistors to control the output voltage. The formula is:

Vout = 1.25 x {1+(R2/R1)}

LM350 Basic circuit
LM350 Basic circuit

Also LM350 Circuits

The LM350 may be boring for you. Because you like many circuits to make on your working. See the list below you may like it.

If you want to try it. You can buy at and

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