Many Electronic circuit projects in simple ways of learning

LED light running arrows showing the position

This is a LED light running circuit with a number generated from IC CD4093, CD4520, and CD4094. This circuit can adjust the speed with resistors R1. When entering the power supply to the circuit IC1.

led light running arrows showing the position

A NAND gate IC Oscillator generator circuit is connected to the input signal generator to pin 1 of IC2 and pin 3 of the IC3.

When receiving the signal from IC1 IC2 will serve up the signal from the logic into the binary.

Then sent to the pin 5 and pin 6 of IC1, IC1, which will process a NAND gate.

The IC3 is the signal from IC1 to processing and export of pin 4, 5, 6 and 7.Then entered into the base of the transistor pins Q1-Q4.

Any work on the transistor connected to the LED pin collector will glow out come.

For the format of the 17 LED Lights, arranged as a form of directional arrows.

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