IR appliance switch circuit using any infra-red remote control

This is IR appliance switch circuit using any infra-red remote control.
Nowadays Appliances used to control almost any function with remote control. But can not put the remote to control other electrical appliances. We can do this project With the following
– Can be used with almost any infrared remote.
– Can choose to work, or SPST switch or normally open pushbutton switch.
-There are output one channel (Press any button on the remote, it works.)

Application to AC 220-volts can connect with an appliances maximum about 300-watts
When the note several properties of the above then you would think to build it. Please read the following below

The working principle of normally infrared remote.

This project we use principle of Reception – transmission infrared. When has pressing at transmitter of the remote control it will shine a infrared light go out (this infrared light is not visible to the naked eye). The infrared switch that we make up this will get infrared light. Then is sent to control relay works on-off an appliances as needed

block diagram of this project

Figure 1 is block diagram of this project.

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Working of circuit.
The infrared module will function as an infrared receiver by pressing bottom at remote control so have output signal to this module aperture.

Normally when no infrared light at OUT will has “high” , so cause TR1 on to connected current to base of TR2 to ground, so cause TR2 not works and collector of TR2 have high voltage.

Infrared switch controlled circuit with any remotes

Figure 2 The circuit diagram of infrared switch controlled by a TV remote.

Both TR3, TR4 will be connected in flip-flop form and will still original state. (Suppose just TR3 works LED will glow, TR4 will stop on.). When have the infrared light (press button) come to the module aperture cause it work to short an output point to ground.

Thus TR1 will no voltage at base so cannot work. Then cause TR2 short voltage at collector of TR2 to ground. It is cause the flip-flop series alternately. Which means TR3 stop working , LED so go out.

The TR4 will works. Therefore relay so connect to contact COM and NO point together. So cause the appliances connect to OUT. When a infrared light. Then TR1 will come back to works again, cause TR2 stop but the flip-flop set is not changed.

When have infrared light reaches again will results TR1 stop. TR2 will reverse to works again. It will short voltage at collector of TR2 to ground, cause the flip-flop series alter alternately works.

When TR3 runs, LED will reverse to glow again, TR4 will stop. So relay works then will be opened contact. Therefore an electric appliance that connect to Out so stop. When infrared light go out. The working will same begin.

As above is feature of SPDT switch type for the floating-point jumper J1. In case of the normally open pushbutton switch to connected the point-J1 together. When no infrared light TR1 will on to short a base voltage of TR2 to ground. The TR2 so do not works base of TR3 so have a voltage through R10 to J1. Then cause TR3 on therefore LED glow. So no voltage at base of TR4 cause TR4 cannot works well, the relay cannot pull in contact then the electric appliances not works.

When have infrared light (pressing switch) so makes point OUT no voltage. Thus TR1 will stop, at collector of TR1 have current in to base TR2 cause TR2 on to short a collector of TR2 to ground. Which collector of TR2 to connected to base of TR3 by through point J1, cause also base of TR3 to ground, so result to TR3 stop working and at collector of TR3 is high cause base of TR4 have current as well. (flow to R5) Thus TR4 on, relay so pull in contact the appliances at OUT point works.

The TR4 will work until no the infrared light at module. (release push buttom switch) When no light to strike at module will cause working As discussed in the first part of the point-J jumper.

As above if point J1-jumper. The working of TR3, TR4 are normal form that no the flip-flop. But we release point J1- jumper the working of TR3, TR4 will be flip-flop alternately as press SPST switch.

The power supply will use AC-220volts then use C1 is reduced voltage lower down and have diode D1, D2, D3, D4 acts as rectifier and have C10 function as a filter voltage to smooth.

How to application.
This project we never build it, but we have actual-size of Single-sided Copper PCB layout as Figure 3. and the component layout as Figure 4. Therefore to build this project You need to carefully ponder it.
Note: The components list please see in circuit diagram. All transistor : 2SC458 similar 2SC1815 , 2SC828 or etc.

PCB layout Infrared switch controlled circuit

Figure 3 The Copper PCB layout

Components layout Infrared switch controlled circuit

Figure 4 The component layouts

When assemble circuits completely.
The wiring can connect as Figure 5 at IN 220V connected through on-off switch and fuse size of 2A. The OUT to electrical appliances, Can Choose from the following.

Using Infrared switch controller with any remotes

Figure 5 the wiring and application of this project.

– If release J-point will be normally open pushbutton is press remote Appliances are working, press again, appliance stops working.

– If connect J- jumper together will be normally open pushbutton is press remote the Appliances are working but when release buttom remote the appliances will stop.


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