Small amplifiers on high impedance

This simple circuit was a presented,it can give power output about 1 watt, when connected to a power supply 9 volt. The advantage of this circuit is that it uses a dual darling ton to increase the size as much as of input impedance about 20 Meg ohm. This circuit unlike other circuits,the input impedance is a constant about 20 Meg ohm always, whether to adjust the volume control on any level.
The components in the circuit, it is cheap, especially the BC549 transistor output number when the increase will be very distorted, it must reduce the current level to a safe By reducing the volume down.
The sector output for the R1 and C1 in order to reduce the oscillator gain is, the fact that the output sector, including an op-amp acts drive dual complementary.

High impedene small amplifer circuit

Amplifier circuits with transistors 2SC1815

Generally in work learning of transistor. We can divide work period of transistor be 3 the period. For example period cut off be transistor stop work at this period have no bass current (lb) and collector current (lc) the period is full be intermittently at current flow through with full speed ahead until reach the condition is full and the trend will don’t flow increase back and forth the reed that the this and the period active be intermittently at transistor work Bias current. By we can seek expansion ratio value current thus in using transistor power amplifier as a result will very the circuit work during active. By we will live expansion ratio way value current of transistor.

Amplifier circuits with transistors 2SC1815

When there is a signal Input feed come in change C1 for filter take especial sound signal only go to feed give with Q1 at a B pin be the expansion first. Which very the circuit enlarges like small hill computer not the stump have R1 and R2 build divide bias voltage give Q1 by have a signal output at collector pin (C) a signal has that this still not enough. Power then must induce to enlarge with Q2 and Q3 again. Which Q2 and Q3 each other be darlington circuit be the lead transistor 2 pcs. at have alike property comes to each other will get expansion rate increases. From that time a signal that enlarged reach a loudspeaker SP1 make a noise come out.

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