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Simple 10A variable voltage regulator circuit diagram

Here is a simple 10A variable voltage regulator circuit diagram. It may be a good idea for you. Why? If you are looking for:

  • A high current power supply, more than 5A.
  • You need to adjust the output voltage.
  • You have a lot of old components in your store such as power transistors, big transformer, high capacitance of capacitors, and others. How to use them to save money.

In the circuit below. The voltage of output is between about 2V to 36V. And a maximum output current of about 10A.

10A variable voltage regulator circuit

The  simple 10A variable voltage regulator circuit

First, AC main comes to the transformer through S1 and F1.

  • A switch, S1, is a power switch to turn on-off the circuit
  • A fuse, F1, in series with the AC input protects the transformer and diode. When it overloads.

Second, transformer-T1 will reduce AC220V to AC lower voltage. After, Bridge Diodes D1, D2, D3, and D4 rectifier to DC voltage. Then, the big electrolytic capacitors 18,000 uF filter the DC voltage to a steady DC voltage.

You will see that this circuit does not use a Zener diode. We think that who design this, want a high current DC voltage as the main idea. It can use for a high current load. For example a lamp, motor, coil, and more.

Next, we need to use big power transistors-Q5, Q6 to boost up the output current.

The potentiometer, VR1, to adjust the output voltage.

If you need a high current to be about 10A. You have to use an output of the transformer to be at least about 10A.

While C1 is also the important component, a large capacitor, at least 18,000 uF. It is across DC unregulated to smooth it out and provide a local store of charge fast-switching circuit. It also against other transient signals in voltage. You may lower capacitors such as 4,700 uF in parallel to increase capacitance.

A voltmeter shows an output voltage. An ammeter shows a current of the load.

Others 10A variable voltage regulator circuit

This is circuit is not suitable for real use. Because it does not have a PCB layout.

If you are looking for a lot of 5A regulator circuit, please see these circuits

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  1. Dear frind
    Please send me complete name of Q5 & Q6 transistors i ca not find any datasheet about them

  2. in this circuit transfarmer primry is not mantion

  3. Hi
    I have a old Psu that uses 7 x 2n3055 at a voltage of 30 vdc ,I need to make the Psu adjustable as it is only regulated ,can you assist by just adding a additional circuit to the system. The Psu is a Neve ATC 1500

  4. This is a very poorly designed circuit. DO NOT BUILD IT.

  5. which ic can i use for my switch mode power supply that will produce 12 volts and 10 amperes on the output of my supply?

  6. Is the connection above Q7 from its base to the collector, joining the two, a mistake or correct? Thanks

    1. sorry wrong thread

  7. thanks, this works.

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