Many Electronic circuit projects in simple ways of learning

Where buy electronics components

If you are looking for some electronic components for your projects. I would like to recommend you some store.

For me, normally I like to buy from stores near my house. Because I can see and try them by myself.

electronic supplies store

Finding Electronic store with mobile

electronic supplies stores near you

I like to travel to other provinces with my children. Often we learn electronics with projects on the breadboard.

Sometimes, we need to use the device immediately. So, I need to search for electronic supplies store near me on mobile phones.

This method works well. I like the old circuit. Often I can buy old parts at local stores.

Tips for buying electronic parts

  • Buying the whole pack can save money than only one piece and Save shipping costs as well.
    For example, resistors—It’s a waste of time. If you buy one piece.  I will buy the resistor pack. Then buy more for some necessary values ​​such as 1K. I use it frequently. Buy 100 pcs.

    Resistors pack
    Cr: AUSTOR amazon

    Other parts, I like to buy them in a pack.  For example, small transistors,  More ICs like NE555, IC741, LM317, CD4017, etc.

    These parts often we use them. No worry about buying it at a store for a waste of time.

  • Take Bigger size materials first. If they are the same prices.For example, I often use a 10μF electrolytic capacitor in many circuits. The most circuits use the voltage lower than 12V.  I check them in stores.  The 10μF 16V, 25V and 50V are the same prices.
    10uF 50V electrolytic capacitor
    cr: SenModSo, I buy only 10μF 50V pack per 100pcs. They are more durable as well.


Electronic online stores

Anyways, buying from web stores may be more convenient and cheaper sometimes.

Now let me recommend you some electronic supplies web stores.


If anyone could recommend any other web stores. I would appreciate you so much.
Cr: Source : Buying electronic supplies store

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