Easy Power supply for cassette player

This circuit that you see, It is an one style of an easy simple power supply, for a recorder or a cassette player in the car which used voltage 12V.It is only using the current abount 100mA.
When it occured over load current at output.it will not damaged with circuit.(have only current 2Amp) While it can to used the voltage about 6Volt at 800mA max.
The resistance of R1 serves to limit the short circuit current at about 2 amps.And reduce the power consumption of the series regulator transistor Q1.(which acts as the emitter follower circuit with a base voltage from R2, D1).
Here is the diode resistance should be 1 watt or more.

This circuit can be assembled into a small metal box, compact, easily. Using the heater box as cooling plate to transistors Q1 with built-in.
Designed by Mr. Enrich Reading Ford. Palmerston North City Seal Post Teen & Air UK.


These circuits may be necessary for you.

The circuit of Car Cassette Power Supply

The Voltage in that automobile, we have can to apply with electric all appliances a lot of , usually. It is will valuable 12V me uses Car Cassette Power Supply this circuit. help , Regulator voltage get many the level be 6V , 7.5V ,9V with using integrated circuit. Regulate uA78GUIC be pillar equipment. The detail is other see in the circuit sir.

Car Cassette Power Supply

7806 dc regulator 6V The main parts of this circuit is IC 7806,It is normal IC linear dc voltage regulator 6V at 1A current.
It is easy project electronic because used the minority part and low cost too.

7806 dc regulator 6V

Basic Dual DC Power Supply 6V This be Basic Dual DC Power Supply 6V (+6Vdc CT -6Vdc) . Which easily give a little electronics component economize good. But inappropriate for the circuit that use current the very much.[…]
Basic Dual DC Power Supply 6V

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