Simple resistive load
Basic Circuits
This is simple resistive load,Sometimes we need to use a resistors that without capacitance or inductance. We always use the carbon resistors. But some working to need the resistor that has also many high power. Which we cannot use the carbon resistor because it has maximum power about 2 watts only. Normally, performance testing of amplifiers need to apply low resistance load and not affect the frequency. That is pure resistance requirements and The normally power amplifiers have also have high power. (Several hundred watts) Alternative way is to change the resistor into the wire wound model. This resistor tolerance …
How to calibrate touch screen GARMIN GPS
DIY Electronics
I like taking the kids to tour upcountry. We purchased a GARMIN GPS to reduce stray. I like it because it can Map update any lifetime and cheap. But yesterday have a problem white screen with a message that touch dot. I try to calibrate touch screen. I started to turn on the GPS. Then, press and hold the left screen. Next, show white screen and display “touch dot” we press dot about 10 times. Then it shown “Calibration complete” Press “OK” now. Start to use them!
Make Lamp as power load
DIY Electronics
We like to test the functionality of a high current power supply by simple power load. It is 12V lamp 50 watts. But it had a high temperature. Require a docking station proper on long time trials. Today my son build docking for this lamp. Figure 1 All parts We use: – Light bulb – Metal screw 2 inch – brass hooks as terminals – Thick wooden planks We use Incandescent motorcycle head light bulbs 12V 25W/25W without a head light socket Figure 2 The structure inside light bulb The structure inside light bulb has two filaments for the high …
DIY pocket pack solder
DIY Electronics
This is DIY pocket pack solder. To portable and lightweight with the division lead to shorter. Normally we always to buy big lead because worthy than small. My son buy new solder; DIA: 0.8mm 1LB TIN/LEAD 60/40. But He does not like it because too much heavy and difficult to use with As Figure 1. He saw the pocket pack solder is in here: Thus, there is an idea to adapt something near us to reused without buy more. We have these markers a lot as Figure 2 We take pen nibs out, then put the lead instead. Figure 3 …