DC switching power supplies

These are DC switching power supplies. To as ideas on build projects or tools. Because they have small size and cheaper than linear power supply.


Our Website, begin there are slowly many circuits, until friends say that difficult to see circuits or projects as you want.
Particular DC switching power supply has very useful are can be ideas to build the great power supply circuits, small and saving money. on application or learning.
I so collect these circuits for ease of access circuits for projects that interest you.

  1. 5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual Switching Regulator with LM2587
  2. 5V 3A switching power supply by LM2576
  3. Variable switch mode power supply 0-50V 5A
  4. The old pc power supply circuit
  5. Power supply Switching Regulator 12V 3A by LM2576-12
  6. Switching supply computer 5V 15A 12V
  7. 5V 5A switching regulator for digital by LM2678
  8. 9V Low Power Switching Regulator by IC RC4193
  9. LED driver low power by switching mode
  10. 12V 5A power supply Regulator with LM2678-12
  11. Regulator switching DC to DC step down Voltage with LM2596
  12. 5VDC Switching regulator from 9V battery by LT1073-5
  13. 3V 3A Regulator Switching by LM2576
  14. Easy 5V 10A switching regulator by L4970A
  15. LM2673 -5V 3A Switching Voltage Regulator
  16. 12V to 16V DC/DC Converter with LM2577
  17. DC converter 5 volt to +12 volts or high volt than +12 volts

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