Common Electronic Circuit symbols

Today, we recommend the common electronic symbols and diagrams. The Circuit-Symbols is very important in circuit design or drawing. It is a pictogram that shows instead of various electronic devices. We will understand exactly the same. Also, we can make easily the electronics projects and repair jobs.

I have taught my son to learn basic electronics, which we try to bring the simple parts that can find them easily in general store so that they can be used to create simple projects.

Common-linear Circuit Symbols

Nowadays my son designs all the circuit diagram and illustrates on our websites. He likes and enjoys this job very much. After he did it often. It made his work better and faster.

The Most Linear Circuit Symbols that his design in He says that he likes because It’s simple, flexible, fast. Important updated version regularly and free too. The Figure below is also designed with for details on how to create each device. I suggest in my next article.
Read basic use draw circuit diagram by

The Circuit symbols lists
Fixed Resistor_General Resistors
Variable Resistor_Potentiometer or pot trimmer
Resistors resist the flow of electricity. Most we use the resistors to divide a voltage into a smaller voltage.

Fixed Capacitor_Ceramic Capacitor, Mylar or Polyester Capacitor
Polarized Capacitor_Electrolytic Capacitors

LDR_Light Dependent Resistors
Another Variable Resistor is the light-dependent resistor (LDR). The LDR changes can conduct electric current with the changing of light.

Rectifier Diode (Silicon Diode)
The electrical current will flow through the diode as one-way valves. Most we use them in the rectifier and protect backward current spike.

LED_Light Emitting Diode

NPN Transistor_Very Popular
Pinout of NPN transistors. For example:


Pinout of BC548, BC337, BC550, BF494, etc.

PNP Transistor_Not popular but importance!
Transistors are semiconductor devices with three leads. They are used as amplifiers and switches.

UJT transistors
UJT Transistors symbol
For example, 2N2646 pinouts.

2N2646-UJT-transistor pinout
2N2646-UJT-transistor pinout

Solar Cell or Photo Diode

Positive supply (the Positive (+) voltage Connection)
Photo Transistor A transistor type that Light control current flow collector into the emitter
Connected Wires
Unconnected Wires
Ground Normal is the negative connection

Basic SPST (Single-Pole,Single-throw) switch

SPST Switch—ON-OFF Switch

Mechanical switches permit or interrupt the flow of current.
They are also used to direct current to various points.

The basic knife switch is the simplest switch.

OPEN = OFF , Closed = ON.

This is called an SPST (Single-Pole, Single-throw) switch.

SPDT Switch_Selector
SPDT- Single-pole, Double-throw

Normally Open Pushbutton Switch
Normally Close Pushbutton Switch
Relay_Switch is controlled by electric current
Speaker_Convert audio to sound
PIEZO Speaker Emit tone sound
Meter_Measure the current and voltage
Lamp_Change electricity to light
Battery_Power source
OP-Amp_Integrated Circuit
NE5532 pinout

Here are more components design by Chayapol: Circuit symbols
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