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Circle LED chaser circuit

This is the Circle LED chaser circuit or 10 LEDrunning light as another kind of string light circuit. Which is running light on circle each one step beautifully and can adjust speed as well.

The working principle
From circuit will see that we use two ICs. Which is IC1-NE555 as timer IC with a widely used general. In this circuit will use the IC-555 as the square wave generator to output. Which that frequency is determined by R-2.7K, R-470 ohms and C-10uF 16V.

Circle LED chaser circuit

In addition yet has a VR1-potentiometer-10K is frequency adjuster. When IC1-NE555 generate the frequency up, will be entered to IC2-CD4017 by through way of R 100 ohms. IC2 is Decade Counter IC will provide output is positive voltage Sort by Position according to input signal from IC1-NE555 One end of the LED all. Which is pin K to pooling through R 1K to ground to as the through way of current.

How to assemble circuits
You can build the PCB as layout in Figure 2. Then Put all parts in PCB as components layout in Figure 3. Firstly, put small components type such as R, C, LED and socket IC in to PCB. When solder finish, should check correctly. Next bring both IC insert in to socket, careful do not Wrong terminal. When check all thing correct then enter power supply into the circuit. Then, adjust trimmer potentiometer and noticed the running of LED if all what work normally so can use it now.

components-layout-of-Circle LED chaser circuit
Figure 2 Single-sided PCB layout and Components layout of this projects

The circuit use power supply between 3-15V but to convenience should use 9V rectangular battery to best suitable. All resistors use size ¼ W. The LED will use all red or also use alternating red and green.

The components List.
IC-CD4017___Decade Counter Divider with 10 Decoded___________1 pcs.
IC-NE555____ Timer IC____________________________________1 pcs.
C-10uF 16V____Electrolytic capacitors_____________________________2 pcs.
R-2.7K______Resistors___1/4 W 5%_____________________________1 pcs.
R-470 ohms__Resistors___1/4 W 5%______________________________1 pcs.
R_1K_______Resistors___1/4 W 5%______________________________1 pcs.
VR_10K__trimer-potentiometer__________________________________1 pcs.
LED____as you need__________________________________________10 pcs.

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  1. Can the LED chaser circuit be run off of a 12vdc motorcycle battery?

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