5 Simple audio amplifier circuit diagram using transistor

These are many simple audio amplifier circuit diagram using transistor. Currently, ICs has been used in many audio amplifiers, especially small circuit. It is convenient to use transistors.But when you need to use transistors, it has several advantages, such as saving you can take old equipment come to made small circuits easier than the IC. Which may be difficult to find. Take a look at these circuits. Maybe you get the idea of it. Here are projects :: The Simple Audio Amplifier with NO ICs 1.) Low impedance mini amplifier This circuit can apply to signal sound source that has…


The many ideas of 100 watt amplifier circuit

A friend takes an interest to want to try build hi-fi power Amplifier the some one. He likes model class AB , because the sound is good. keen bass good distinct.I chooses this circuit gives him sees , be power Amplifier hi-fi OCL 120W rms sizes really,if use power supply circuit at enough good and use 8ohm size prominent point interesting loudspeakers. Of the circuit be use the transistor entirely have no the integrated circuit mixes. Then make bland good sound , for power supply voltage should use +40V GND -40V sizes give current about 4A. Other detail please see…

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