Simple battery status monitor circuit using IC-7555

Simple battery status monitor circuit using IC-7555 or low power LED flasher by ICM7555
Normally, when you need to use LED display status of the battery 6V-12V. Just add a resistor in series only. It is easy and saving.
But not cool and consumes more power.
– The impression of a bright that continuously. I think that did not noticeable it.
– When the LED light as well So consumes too much energy. Although the LED need voltage is 1.8V only, but it uses too current is 15mA-20mA.
A wise choice.
– The LED flashes very prominent.
– Find out how to use current less than 1mA. When several ten years ago. I’ve used a LM3909 of LED Flasher/Oscillator IC. (View circuits that using this IC number.) It is built for a particular flashing light or low current led flasher so easy to make and includes a very small amount. But unfortunately. Now IC manufacturers stopped producing it.
But we also have the option of interest, may be better than. If you are familiar with the IC 555 is a relative of the family is ICM7555 (or 7555IPA) with the same features. However very low power consumption. Because the internal structure of CMOS, So works great.
You take a look that the circuit is easy like I said or not. As shown below. You see not wrong, it using only three pieces, it can make the LED to flashes. By pull current from the power supply is only 0.15mA. It is designed as a typical Stable multivibrators circuit. (If you do not understand see this web. We have several circuits)
battery status monitor by icm7555
Special! In normal circuit, the capacitor will discharge directly to ground. However, for this circuit, the capacitor is discharged through LED1, so that LED1 flashes intermittently.
Just this you have a simple battery monitor circuit by IPM7555 Some people would say that’s not worth it. This circuit is more expensive than the old method. However it can extend battery life by several times, or Adapted for low current power supply such as solar or other alternative energy sources. They result is the same.

This circuit worked you can builds easy as video below:

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