99+ Basic Electronic Circuits for you

If you want to learn electronics in a simple way. How to do?

First, the electronic circuit is the combination of electronic devices with conductors.

Then, the electronic circuit experiment makes you learn electronics with fun.

And understand the work easier.

basic circuit

In one electronic circuit may consist of several small electronic circuits to work together.

Also, in one of our problem, there may are many ways or several circuits to solve.

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I will try to explain to you more understand about this.


We need to create a 2 LED flasher. We can choose a lot of circuits.

Look here: For example 4 circuits

dual LED flasher working in third

Learn Dual LED flasher using transistors.

See: 555 LED flasher

Two LED Flasher using Gate of IC 4011

Using CMOS Digital-ICs, CD4011, CD4049

Op-amp LED flasher - oscillator circuit using LM324

LED Blinking OP-AMP LM324 or LM741

2 Lamp flasher using mosfet

MOSFET blinking circuit

Or even use a microcontroller.

Such as…

One LED Flasher PIC16F627

LED Blinking using PIC Microcontroller,

003_how to apply the output 13


LED Flasher using Arduino microcontroller


Which circuit is good for you?

Thus, the collection of many electronic circuits. It is very helpful.

You can choose the most suitable circuit as conditions or resources.

If you are looking for the electronics circuit. We also like to collect many Basic electronic circuits.

You may start with a simple circuit first.

Let’s get them Here!

Not only more. Look at below!

Look More 99 Basic Electronic Circuits

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.


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