Headlight Warning Buzzer
Often,we find that a lot of motorist.They have forgotten to turn on light in a car when parking.then back to start the machine,it did not work,because a battery did not have a energy. but this circuit will be warning a car driver for instantly know,when we forget to open the car door or forgetting to turn off lights in the car. From this circuit picture,The transistor Q1 and Q2 are working to astable multivibrator circuit.The collector pin of the Q2 used a loudspeaker was a load’s circuit.The capacitors C1, C2 and a resistors R3, R4 was timing part’s circuit, and …
Amp meter for CAR
Basic Circuits
This circuit is an amp meter for car as LED display is on the electrical system,easy read level current on 10 step fast and clear than general ammeters.
Modified brake light flasher circuit
Mini Projects
This project is installed in a car, to modify brake light flasher circuit. Using a small number of pieces of equipment, so it is easy to build, consists of CMOS IC and power transistors etc. The rear brake light is warning lights to the behind car. Add Caution while tracking. This flashing brake light to sensitive drivers who tracking behind. Can be visible as far add to secure than a plain brake light. Which it will flashing when brake is touched only. In Figure 1 is modification flashing to the brake light. The working start with power to circuit or …