Tapping morse code circuit
Audio diagram
Morse code is a code of signals used in military communications in the past. But today, it is also common among surfers radio The percussion Morse code as a standard in radio communications. This circuit is a demonstration of tapping Morse code basics. Enter the power supply circuit is on, press the S1 Charset circuit IC1 is run by the generator frequency Per cycle, which is a sensitive multi-Stable Brett Foster is R1, C2 and VR1 determines the frequency of the output pins 3 go to the VR1 speakers for optimized sound to very sharp pointed at.
Mini intercom circuits using  one OP-Amp IC
These are two simple mini intercom circuit. They use IC-OP-amp as main parts. 1. LM380 mini intercom circuit It uses IC Op-amp number LM380 just one as a result can work already. When switch S1 stay in a position speaks loud show in circuit picture. The loudspeaker of mother station will perform to is microphone for drive op-amp. By change step up transformer or T1. The switch of child station will must is in a position listens. The voltage of power supply stay in 8-20 volts sections. LM390 MiNi Intercom Today we find many of the IC number LM390 in …
Simple non linear low pass filter
Audio diagram
This is a simple simple non linearlow pass frequency filter circuit on passive model. We use passive components without transistors and any ICs. So is easy circuit. and It is small size and easy to made for do not used the external power supply, but refuse a lot of noise ripples and need to a input voltage is stable. and a lower amplitude. The circuit will work best, when the signal level is importantly higher than the constant ripple level.And The circuit has specifically related to two peak-detecting sample-and-hold circuits in tandem with a voltage average. There are parts in …
4 Gate Tone Generator Circuits  using  IC-4011
Basic Circuits
Here is the tone generator circuit,it is small size. I use IC digital Cmos 4011 quad NAND gate. Simple Tone Generator Circuit This will cause another NAND gate to pulse oscillator which will drive another gate to output a 1.3KHz tone. The transistor provides drive for the 8 ohm speaker. The IC 4011 ‘s Input pin 1 for Control output tone generator, so logic “Low” don’t have tone but logic “HI” it have tone sound at speaker. The capacitors C1 and C2 are determine tone frequency rate. And the resistors R3 is control sound volume,so it must have less than …