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AN6780-General Purpose Timer

The AN6780 and AN6780S are ICs designed for general purpose timer for long time. They consists of an oscillator, frequency divider (flip-flop 15steps), output circuit, and power circuit. A cycle can be freely set with the external resistor (R T ) and capacity (C T ) of the oscillator.

• High inflow and outflow current : I O =±15mA max
• Small variation of oscillations
• Long interval timer setting : max 1 week

7-pin SIL Plastic Package

Figur 2 : Block Diagram

Timers, integrating timers, superlow frequency oscillators

We use AN6780 General purpose Long interval timers in Over & Under Voltage protection circuit. Simple Feature: This is an over and under voltage protection to all electrical appliances are safe. We use electronics circuits, high accurate work is fast LM393, AN6780 and more. Which cut off currents with power relay.

0ver-under voltage protector using LM393

I’ve presented this way, it is Over & Under Voltage protection circuit. But today, I’d recommend this because there is a very good following.

1. The relay will work all time in under or over voltage range.
2. This circuit will time delay all time when under or over voltage or power outage awhile.
3. Can use fully performance, though under voltage to 12 volts or over voltage to 380 volts
4. Can be adapted to the circuit breaker when the power falls to 180 volts (or much – less).
5. Can be adapted to the circuit breaker when the power is too high from 240 volts or more (or much-less).

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