An oscillator of the 200 watts power inverter

From the article “Operation of 200 watt inverter diagram” and “Simple working principle of the inverters” and “The output circuit of 200 watts home power inverter. ” You can understand reasonably the basis of this project.

Friends would like to know that how this circuit works. Because the content very reasonably. I would like to divide the sectional. You will never be bored. Scroll to read more content and the site loads slow.

We see circuit real use. As shown below. Which has working principle of the circuit is divided into three sections are a oscillator, output and protection section.

But today I’m talking the oscillator circuit before.


Starting when push switch-S1 which is switch turn on voltage +12V will be send to diode-D3 provided the IC2-SG3526N at pin 14. To pass through resistor-R12 of 33 ohm, there are C1 as decoupling backup current to IC2-SG3526N.

The bring a positive voltage. Which is the supply voltage IC2-SG3526N to via the diode-D3 before to want to make IC2 be get the supply voltage constant over time. Because the source voltage of the battery will be sent to the output circuit directly.

The function of output has characteristics of switches. Which when switch is in the range beginning to state on. May cause supply voltage source drop down. Which this drop voltage will cause IC2 malfunction. Must to insert diode-D3 across the voltage source and supply voltage of ICs.

When the supply voltage source has tumbled With starting to conduct current of the output circuit has cause voltage at anode (A) of D3-1N4002 lower than pin cathode (K), The diode-D3-1N4002 has the voltage across of state Reverse bias. They can not conduct current. Makes the output circuit can not draw on the accumulated charge of C1 is correct. As a result, the power supply voltage IC2 not tumbled like a voltage source.

The diode-D3 In addition to maintaining a constant supply voltage to IC2.Can also prevent damage of IC2. Which is the oscillator circuit. Because the connection wires from wrong battery terminals. If the wires alternating positive to negative and negative to positive. The diode-D3 conditions in Reverse bias status. Can not conduct current. Circuit will stop working without damage.

When has supply voltage IC2 so Starting frequency. By the frequency is determined with the value of R11 and C4 connected to pin 9 (RT) and 10 (CT) respectively. This frequency is 50Hz Which corresponds to the frequency of home power. Frequency that IC2 built this, as rectangular signal. By the output pin 13 (OUT A) and pin 16 (OUT B).

Complete this section only this day to be introduced later.

This article is part of 200 watts home power inverter project using SG3526N You can read each section for continuity.

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