4 Simple Audio Mixer Circuits diagram using FET and ICs

Simple Audio Mixer Circuit using 2N3819 FET

This circuit is a simple mixer circuit. It can mix two signal channels and one channel is output. Using a codec circuit, Convert stereo audio to mono audio time. Simple FET Audio Mixer Circuit In-circuit a FET number 2N3819 is main, it is better than common transistors that a high impedance input and high gain … Read more

2 Megaphone circuit diagram you do not miss


This is a megaphone circuit diagram using a signal sound amplifier from a condenser microphone to a higher signal at a small-sized loudspeaker. There are two circuit diagrams to create. See below Simple LM386 megaphone circuit It composes the importance is a microphone preamplifier (pre mic), use transistor just one enlarge sound signal gives the … Read more