Do you love music? Imagine we can build power amplifiers system. Sound good, doesn’t it? Here are many circuits. For example, about Audio amplifiers, bridge amplifier, Using transistor or IC or MOSFET, Mixer, Graphic Equalizer, Preamplifiers. And, Sound generators, tone controls,   Melodies, Sirens, Animal sound, effect voices. Even, Burglar alarm, and more. I cannot explain to you all. But sure I do not like to see you miss them.

Active Bass Boost circuit using IC-741

This is a general-purpose bass booster circuit. Why should you use this? You are listening to your favorite song. But it lacks many flavors. Friends said No Bass! Buy a new one amplifier right now. Stop... It is true. Your amplifier may less bass. But before buying a new amplifier. Try this, it probably better.

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