About me

I have been a freelance writer about the simple electronics many years ago. And now I am working as a full time electronics circuits blogger.

We like collecting lots of electronic circuits and projects, that will help people who are interested in Electronics.To use as idea for hobby and learning.

The some circuit is not obsolete. For example, I wanted to create a simple flashing light circuit for my son.

We are available multiple circuits, From a simple two transistor circuit which can be carved from Old PCB,In storage rooms.

Or electronics stores to buy are very cheap. Or, we use the number of IC NE555 is a very popular one, or to used the LM3909 IC number which is run by only one.

Note: I know that my English is very poor. Most people do not understand. But almost everyone says that they useful.So I will find a various circuits. I believe that in the near future my English will understand more. Thanks for the encouragement.

Now, We have a lot of articles. So, difficult for find the circuit as you need. It is a pity if you close this site without the great experience.


Now I have been full time blogger. Certainly everyone needs work to earn money for family.

I need revenue by ADS banner, Amazon, Affiliate program, and sell ebook (new).

If you feel that this my job have useful, please support and understand us.


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