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5V to isolated 5V at 20mA converter using MAX635

When we need a constant voltage 5V at the current about 20mA, by there are power supply source voltage about 4V to 6V.
In this circuit, We use the MAX635 IC number is the main equipment, that acts as Preset/Adjustable Output CMOS Inverting Switching Regulators.
At pin A, a negative output dc-dc converter generates a -5V.
First, a negative output voltage dc-dc converter generates a -5V output at pin A.

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Then, the primary of the transformer (T1) must fly back to a diode drop more negative than -5V.
If T1 has a tightly coupled 1:1 turns ratio (270uH), there will be a 5V positive voltage at diode across the secondary ‘s T1.
The 1N5817 rectifies this secondary voltage to generate an isolated 5V output.
The isolated output is not fully regulated since only -5V at point A is controlled by the IC1.

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