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10 Second Fan on delay timer circuit by transistor

A friend of me wants 10 second delay timer circuit at can turn ON Fan 12V at use in an automobile. By fix the period of time about 10 second. He sets conditions that must use electronic part economize and seek easy with. I then choose transistors and relay be control electric fan equipment follow the circuit in a picture. The value delays can fix with R1 and C1 which there is a formula calculates 0.5 x R1 x C1 . When press S1 wait for about 10 second relay then work turn on give the electric fan works. The detail is other see in the circuit.

10 Second Fan ON delay time by transistor

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  1. thank you very much i am planing to use this circuit in my broken washing machine (ifb)

  2. Hi, sachin s

    Thanks for your comment.
    Your welcome.

  3. The Cicuit completely not visiable. Please show another circuit. Thanks

  4. this is a very useful circut, i used this for a lighting timer

  5. Sir,
    To change the delay time is it necessary to change the values of either only R1 or both R1 & C1.

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