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Graphic equalizer circuits with PCB layout for you

5 Channel Graphic equalizer circuit using LA3600

This circuit 5 Channels 2 Octave Graphic Equaliser, easy to make equalizer,
because using IC LA3600 (easy to use)

For you who take an interest sound of music side may nobody strange Graphic Equalizer circuit , but , in you who is a novice, something will build this some group circuit gets into trouble moderately difficult, today I [ hair ] begs for to advise 5 Channels Graphic Equalizer circuit because it uses the integrated circuit LA3600. Be pillar equipment with the convenience that uses IC LA3600 just one only. As a result, can decorate the sound of music has every full frequency sound section already. You who are a novice and love the saving may don’t miss group this circuit.
Cut at frequencies of 50Hz, 200HZ,800Hz,3.2kHz, and 10kHz.
The supply voltage may be anything from +12V.
Besides I still lead model PCB keep can give testimony try to build convenient increasingly.

5 Channels Graphic Equalizer using LA3600

PCB 5 Channels Graphic Equaliser by LA3600

10 Channel graphic equalizer circuit using LA3600

In addition to using the LA3600 IC, above was the 5 channel graphic equalizer. We can also be designed was the 10 Channel Graphic equalizer circuit. By connection with the other IC LA3600. In the Figure is 10 channel equalizer circuit, which we have designed for the Q = 4. And uses the center frequency of the IC is interruption. Reason The first circuit be work at odd channels, including channels 1,3,5,7,9. As for second IC be doing in dual channel namely 2,4,6,8,10 channel. The strong point of this circuit be will reduce the interference between adjusting the volume the center frequencies similar is rise efficiency of the circuit And the sound quality is better than a general.

10 Channels Graphic Equalizer circuit by LA3600 IC

We assemble the components on the PCB properly and check soldering points must be tightly all points. Then we solder to the both PCB circuit are the volume and the equipment of IC join together successfully, as shown. When finished, we supply positive 12V circuit to be used immediately, without any adjustment.

The PCB of this circuit

Graphic equalizer circuit using op-amp 4558-LF353

This Graphic equalizer circuit using op-amp 4558-LF353 circuit 5 Channels 2 Octave Graphic Equaliser,easy to make equalizer,
because using IC 4558 or LM1458 or LF353 (nice)
If you are seeking Graphic Equalizer Circuit at can fine decorate the sound of music has full frequency sound section. As a result try out group this circuit before. May don’t be defeated.
Cut at frequencies of 50Hz, 200HZ,800Hz,3.2kHz and 12kHz.
Supply voltage may be anything from -15V GND -15V for IC 4558.
Besides I still lead model PCB try build can be usable easy increasingly sir.

Graphic equalizer circuit using op-amp 4558-LF353

PCB 5 Channels 2 Octave Graphic Equaliser by 4558

Graphic equalizer circuit using transistors BC548

This is graphic equalizer circuit using the transistor. We use it for controlling the audio frequency. For some kinds of audio frequency response is not smooth. The frequency offset by the tone controls, may not work well.

Because the bandwidth is too wide. The audio system requires the use of equalizer circuit with a narrow bandwidth, and to divide into frequency bands increased to 5 channels or more. It can control specific actions required frequency bands.

Graphic equalizer circuit using BC548 transistors
Transistors Graphic equalizer circuit

The equalizer circuit can adjust the frequency to 5 channel is 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz and 12 kHz. When we enter an input signal to signal coupling through C1 to the positioning pin 1 of VR1-VR5.

If we adjust the VR comes to the position of a signal pin will go to where both leads of the VR is going through a lot this signal high-frequency filter – a low of each channel.

The frequency of each channel is determined by the R1-R8, and C2-C9. And then, the signal will pass filter for each channel will be combined coupling d through C10 to expand with the Q1 and Q2.

Which Commonwealth model for circuit E Foster limits the expansion of output pins of Q2 via C13 C into the output signal.  Next, signals and the other part is fed back via R12 to enter a location pins 3 of the VR1-VR5. Then we adjust VR through this terminal signal input to the phase opposite and will cancel the input signal at that point. This is the Cut.

Implementation is very simple. Just pre-intermediate tone with the power amp. If the system is used in stereo, then build up to another set.

How to builds this projects
You can see the PCB layout on Figure 2 as Mono. And can see the components layout in Figure 3. The wiring for circuit wiring and various parts to check the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors and Diodes and transistors correctly.

Figure 2 Single-sided PCB layout.

Figure 3 The component layout of this project in mono.

Note: The PCB layout scale is 200/inch. You can print on the laser printer to make PCB easily.

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