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1 Hz Timebase circuit using IC-4017

I used input frequency 10Hz to output 1Hz.This is a 10 divider circuit.
When we need a standard digital clock 1 Hz. but we have the input signal is square wave form 10 Hz so need to reduct it lower with digital frequency divider circuit 10 times
I suggest that IC 4017 (Decade Counter / Divider with 10 Decoded) from the familiar to make a 10 LEDs running light circuits, but this circuit we used a frequency dividing circuit 10 times, too.
It’s interesting because it uses a single IC run it. The circuit is very simple. Would not be very descriptive. Enjoy it.

1 Hz Timebase circuit using IC-4017

Circuit diagram of the 1 Hz Timebase by IC-4017

Two divide counter circuit using IC-4027

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