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1-20V, 10A Adjustable DC Power Supply using LM338

1.2V-20V 10A adjustable dc power supply by LM338
A friend of me side radio amateur office. He wants Variable Regulate Power Supply high current about 10A go up. I then advise this circuit , because build easy. Use IC LM338 and IC LM107 again normal IC LM338 have current about 5A then must use 2 pcs. Make enhance current get be 10A besides. Still three fine VR1 make output modify since 1.2V to 20V cover usual usability sir. A friend of me has may glad that see circuit this idea. You may think like with that be lucky.

1-20V, 10A Adjustable DC Power Supply using LM338
1-20V, 10A Adjustable DC Power Supply using LM338

If you want to see examples of projects that use IC-LM338 multiple connections in parallel, so that the higher, Click:High power supply regulater 0-30V 20A by LM338

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High power supply regulater 0-30V 20A by LM338

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  1. Hi,

    I need a circuit which gives
    DC to DC input 12 or 24 volt DC and out put would be 12 or 24 volt with adjustable amp 5 to 20.

    If you have pls share with me thnx


  2. I am in need of a scumadic for a 110V AC, 13.8V 100A DC power supply. I will now tell you what I have and what has been done so far. I have a 3 stage 110V 13.8, 14.6 and 17.5V output transformer capable of 100A. I am using 2N3002 pass transistors X 12! 2 driving 10. I have 2 100V 1000A Stock Astron bridge rectifiers, a 723 complete board, 63V 180000uf cap etc. I am wiring up the pass transistors 2 driving 10 using the crow bar wiring! 0,1 10W ceramic resistors! I already have the pass transistor mounted in 2 6 bay TO2 heat sinks. I am in need of a complete wiring diagram if you could showing me how to wire this thing. You wouldn’t believe how hard its been to find any info on crow bar wiring let alone find someone who can tell me any info on how to wire this thing. I am not new to electronics but this is my first power supply build of this size! Please Help. THX Billy

  3. what are the components needed? thanks (^^)

  4. i want to increase 20A current for my battery charge to increase the current.normally im getting 3A current at my step up transformer output for my inverter circuit.

    my inverter has 12v 150AH battery. i want to charge my battery with in 10 hours but im getting 3 amps and it will take 50 hours to charge my battery if it discharge.

    plz give me solution for this design

  5. Iam in need of 12v 15amps out put from 20 v 2 amp transformer …..can u plzzzz help me in this sence ……

  6. I need a power supply with 20 V and 30 A DC. Can any one suggest me a circuit.

  7. Hai, can u please give me a solution for my question it is that how to produce 7amps current as an output by giving dc voltage as an input to the circuit , one important thing is that without using transformer please help me guys.

  8. I need 10 to 15 amps 12 volts. Input is 12 volt 300 ma. I was tried for 2n3055. but it cant works. If there is any suitable circuit please Provide on my mail.

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