The Our Electronics Projects Tested

The Our Electronics Projects Tested

Everyone need to build electronic projects certainly work.You do not want to waste time on a circuit that does not work well.It is easy To offer any electronic circuit on the internet.But it is difficult for presenting electronic circuit that really works. We want to have a great experience for your first electronics project.

For Example


 Inverter 12V to 220V 100W by Transistor

 Regulator 0-30V 1A By Transistor (C1061)

 Regulator 5V,6V,9V,12V 1A By IC 7805,7806,7809,7812

 Simple DC Regulator By Transistor C1061

Treble Booster circuit using IC-741

Power Amplifier BCL 35W by TDA2030

Light Relay Switch By BC547 & BC337

Simple power supply regulator 12V 15V 30V by Zener diode

The 60hz calibration frequency standards for digital clock by MM5369

Small stereo amplifier project for computer

Super Flashing Light by C1061

Simple transistor tester circuits

Audio Amplifier(with PCB)

Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761

Blown Fuse indicator LED Display

The simple LED Flasher by IC 4011

12V to 220V Inverter 180W by 2N3055

LM317 Linear power supply Regulator selector 1.5V,3V,4.5V,5V,6V,9V 1.5A

1200 Watt AC Dimmer by Triac Q4006LT

The multi-purpose Amplifier using TDA2030

Dual Variable Regulator power supply 5-25V by LM7805,LM7905

High volt shock by transistor 2SC458

 1khz bandpass filter by ic lm324

Police sirens sound with ic 555

Audio loudness control

LED VU meter circuit by transistor

 LM386 audio amplifier circuit with PCB

IC amplifier stereo 10W +10W with ic TDA2009

Lie detector circuit

 Simple Signal injector by transistor

The variable high voltage power supply 0-300V

The OTL amplifier listen comfortably by TDA2030 and TIP41+TIP42

Battery Status Monitor by ICM7555

The many DC to DC converters using IC-555

Cheap emergency lights using D313

Crystal tester circuits using BC107

Cheap alcohol tester circuit

TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuit with pcb

1 minute to 4 hour Alarm Clock Timer using CD4060

 Simple-mosquito repellent circuit

20 LED cheap electronic VU-meter using transistor

5-30 minuts timer alarm circuit using IC555

 Mouse and insects repellent circuit using IC556

Electronic VU meter by LM3914 and LM3915

Simple Moisture Meter by 2N2222

10 LED flasher using multivibrator transistor

European police siren circuit

 TV test pattern generator with wireless model

Simple metal detector circuits

The sound effect generator using CD4040 CMOS

Two tone door buzzer using transistors

Daylight sensor switch circuit.

5-volts DC regulator for portable MP3 player on motorbike

30W-simple inverter using 6 transistors.

 Adjustable dc voltage regulator circuit using ic-7805

7805 Current constant for battery charger

0-50V 3A Variable DC power supply

Power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915

LED Chaser by IC 4017 + IC 555

Automatic led night light switch

 Three led flasher by 3 transistor astable multivibrator

New my Smoke Absorber and helper

12V battery to 5V 1500mA DC converter regulator

Boost converter 5V to 12V

DIY simple 12v led light

Simple 1.2V AA battery Solar charger circuit

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