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The old pc power supply circuit

A good DC switching power supply circuit form old computer that not used. It has used powerful, durable and works great. Present, a computer become the electric appliance power needed for every home Because there are very useful. But lifetime limit and out of date very quickly. There are new program. Desired machine that has high efficiency. You can always change the new. (To a modern). -Where is the old co ...

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Repair Dell GX620 computer with myself

I had been using Dell GX620 Computer for a long time because it has good and durability. I lost it some days ago. My friend who is a computer repairer said the power supply is having problem. He told me to buy it at,they are very nice it has low cost and free to deliver too. Read more Sometimes, changing the computer power supply circuits of the series, may be impractical. Because buying it did n ...

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